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Re: [ide-dev] Common Language Infrastructure

That's a great one. For our work on Qt at BlackBerry, we're starting to ask that question since you're able to bind _javascript_ to C++ and visa versa. Being able to navigate between multiple languages would be a huge win and make multi-languages more than multiple languages, but actually integrate them.

I think the CDT index could be used for that. It already handles multiple languages (C, C++, Fortran) though not as integrated as this. Also not sure how well it would play with dynamic languages.


From: Sven Efftinge <sven@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Reply-To: Discussions about the IDE <ide-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wednesday, 21 August, 2013 11:16 AM
To: Discussions about the IDE <ide-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: [ide-dev] Common Language Infrastructure

IMHO most important would be some kind of cross-language workspace index (i.e. a global symbol table), which contains and maintains 
information about what external symbols have been consumed and are exposed by a certain file.


On Aug 21, 2013, at 5:04 PM, Doug Schaefer <dschaefer@xxxxxxx> wrote:

Well, let's get right to it. Mickael Istria raised a bug on JDT to have to port over to DLTK since they have the same roots. (

It's not a bad idea, but it does bring up an area that we've sorely been lacking, a common language infrastructure. There are bits and pieces here and there including Xtext (which is more than a bit or piece), as well as the LTK in the platform that we in the CDT use to co-ordinate our refactoring, and of course DLTK itself.

I'd like to open the floor though. What do you think we would need in a common language infrastructure? Would it really help or is there really nothing in common? If you work on a language project, what do you have that could be used to kickstart this (e.g. CDT's build system).

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