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[ibeji-dev] Committer Election for Lauren Datz on Eclipse Ibeji has started

A committer election for Lauren Datz on project Eclipse Ibeji
(automotive.ibeji) was started by Filipe Prezado with this criteria:

Lauren is a well know member of the Eclipse SDV working group and long time
committer in Eclipse Chariott. Lauren started making contributions to the
Eclipse Ibeji project and has already made an impact on the project. Lauren
have also been addressing community feedback by participating in meetings,
making suggestions on how to best use Eclipse Ibeji in multiple prototypes
and recommending future architectural and implementation improvements.
Examples of the above community collaboration was Lauren's contributions to
the Eclipse SDV Software Orchestration hackathon in Nov2023 (Maestro
Challenge) and recent blueprint code contributions that leverages Eclipse

PR's and Issues contributed by Lauren:
Enable containerized build of Ibeji integrated with Chariott and Agemo by
ladatz · Pull Request #103 · eclipse-ibeji/ibeji (
Add config_path build argument to Freyja apps dockerfile by ladatz · Pull
Request #49 · eclipse-ibeji/ibeji-example-applications (
[enhancement] Enable containerized build of Ibeji integrated with Chariott
and Agemo · Issue #102 · eclipse-ibeji/ibeji (
Enable containerized integrated build for Freyja applications · Issue #48 ·
eclipse-ibeji/ibeji-example-applications (

It is my pleasure to nominate Lauren as a committer on Eclipse Ibeji.

Eclipse Ibeji project committers can click the election link below to vote.



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