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Re: [hudson-dev] General newbie question (projects + job executions)


Answers inline...

Although they might be classed more as opinion than answers.

On 27/03/2012 15:59, Ley, Chung wrote:



I am very new to Hudson and as a matter of fact I am new to using CI.


I am looking into setting up Hudson, but have a couple of general design questions.

1.       I have projects where each project encompass a number of different components/parts where each part is being developed by a different set of developers.  What is the best way to model that in Hudson?

We use Hudson project jobs for each component in this case, then each dev team can see there component build and test results by checking there job results. You cna then use artifacts from those component jobs to build larger integration projects that show results of that integration, building up to the logical 'whole thing'. It's slightly harder to architect, although not that hard if you are using maven.

2.       The "test" job/script that need to be done for some of these components can be huge tasks and the job need to submit to a virtual farm for "execution".  Is that possible?  How do you approach that?  It sounds like I like to install some execution agent/broker in the server farm side to make this happen.

Depending on how you submit to this farm and how the results are reported you could use a Hudson job to submit and wait for the results, although this would block a Hudson executor, it wouldn't massively increase your server load as it would just be waiting. Investigate the build timeout plugin to protect from farm failures etc...

Also have a look at Hudson's ability to fingerprint files in sub-projects and join up test results based on the shared usage of a fingerprinted file.

3.       Do you manage the development + main + release branches all in the same CI server or do you manage them in separate CI?  How do you model it such that the main is "build" from the development?  How do you make such build that by default it is only on a successful build (without error) from the development, but allow certain users to override it?

You can manage these in the same CI and promote builds up through the levels. Have a look at the promoted builds plugin for what you can do. You can streamline the UI by having development, main, and release views that can be used by the different groups, dev, qa, etc...





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