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Re: [hudson-dev] Going to a event driven architecture?

2012/3/6 Winston Prakash <winston.prakash@xxxxxxxxx>:
>> That is why I think we need to think more in terms of events
>> invalidating caches or results rather than time.
> I believe here you are not meaning the rendered HTML cache right? Because
> that cache is in the container level which the model has no access to.

I am thinking of the "data model" which is passed to the jelly files
when rendering a page or widget.

In my own (in house) plugin, the jelly page accesses two data object
using ${it.getBuuildState} and {it.getEnvironmentState}, these two
objects are cached in my plugin (which is a singleton), and only
recalculated when RunListener fires an event.

For other semi static things like rss feeds, it could be that the even
triggered writing of a file on disk. This file would be served as
"static" with a short expires header. In a way caching the rendered
html, but on disk not in memory.

> Having a Event Registry does makes sense, if the consumers of the events are
> known like RSS

Why only of the consumers are known?,

I am asking since the main consumers of events will most likely be 3.
party plugins which are not "known". or have I misunderstood you?

Best regards

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