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Re: [hudson-dev] [Hudson-Dev] Leadership role for Hudson Plugins


First and foremost, thank you for the vote of confidence :-) I am
certainly looking forward to help build up the community and make
Hudson easier to work with in complex scenarios

Secondly and for formality's sake: All my Hudson related activities
are done on personal time, and should not be taken as a indication
that Maersk in any way endorses or supports Hudson. I know neither
Winston nor I have suggested otherwise, but I just needed to state it
explicitly in case someone new stumbles on this mail thread.

Just to clarify my day job a bit anyways, I currently sit in the
Maersk Line part of the company in the "Application Deployment
Life-cycle Team" as Technical Lead for continuous integration and
deployment for our new SOA based solutions. The key thing here is that
I am a hand-on lead not a hands-off manager :-)

You can find me on the net using
twitter: @henriklynggaard

Best regards

2012/1/25 Winston Prakash <winston.prakash@xxxxxxxxx>:
> Hudson CI  server has two prominent areas of development
> - Hudson Core or platform
> - Hudson plugin Eco system
> The Hudson core platform being a Technology project at Eclipse Foundation,
> it is fully governed  by Eclipse process.
> On the other hand Hudson Plugin ecosystem is vastly open. At the beginning
> of the year we had only three or four plugins (not counting 400+ plugins
> that are still compatible from the pre-split era). But now it has 40+ active
> plugins with over 25 authors. Hudson only plugin eco-system is growing and
> in need of strong leaders.
> In the Jan 23rd governance meeting I nominated Henrik Lynggaard for that
> leadership role. The nomination was accepted and Henrik also gracefully
> accepted to volunteer for that role.
> Few of the main reasons  I proposed Henrik for the leadership role are
> Foremost, he is not an Oracle employee :-)   . He works for Maersk, a Danish
> company.
> He has proposed and developed several plugins and tools for Hudson and very
> active in the community forum.
> Being a technical lead for continuous integration and deployment at Maersk,
> he deals with CI system, agile technologies and ALM  processes on day to day
> basis. His day job gives him better opportunity to understand the Hudson
> plugins requirements, thus a suitable candidate for the role.
> Looking forward to work with Henrik  to drive Hudson a successful product.
> - Winston

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