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[hudson-dev] Eclipse Hudson 3.0.0 Milestone M0 is available for download

I'm pleased to announce the availability of first milestone (M0) of Hudson 3.0.0 release from the Eclipse Foundation. The war file can be downloaded from

This is our very first release of Hudson as a top level technology project from Eclipse foundation, albeit a Milestone. I wish releasing Hudson from the Eclipse foundation is as simple as commitng the Hudson code base  in to the Eclipse Git Repository and then releasing it. Unfortunately that is not the case. Eclipse Foundation has a very stringent process for releasing  a product under its umbrella [1]

We have done the following steps to reach this stage
  1. Remove all the dependency on GPL/LGPL libraries [2]
  2. Apply CQs and get approval for individual components of  Hudson code base [3]
  3. Apply CQ and get approval for external _javascript_ libraries bundled with Hudson
  4. Use latest Original libraries rather than the patched version [4]
  5. Provide  branded look and feel [5]
  6. Use BIRT charts for Hudson charting needs (JFreechart can not be use because of its LGPL license)
  7. Check-in all Hudson code base to Eclipse git [6]
  8. Start continuous builds at Eclipse Hudson [7]
  9. Stabilize the code base after several library and technology changes arise due to IP review process
  10. QA certify the product before M0 release  
  11. Apply CQ and get approval for external Java libraries bundled with Hudson (Pending) [8]
  12. Apply CQ and get approval for build and test libraries used to build and test Hudson (Pending)

I'm glad, we have done this. The entire process gave us a great opportunity to clean up Hudson code base and make it easier to maintain in the future. Personally, I gained lots experience in understanding the innards of Hudson and get to know the good, bad, and uglier parts of Hudson code base.

We are not done yet. We are allowed to release Milestones from Eclipse before completing 11 & 12. We expect 3-4 months worth of work to complete the entire CQ process (11 & 12 above) and thus planned our milestones towards final release of Hudson 3.0.0 around May-June time frame [9]



- Winston

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