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Re: [hudson-dev] [Hudson-Dev] Re: Specifying the sections where your plugin should appear in the update center

2012/1/4 Winston Prakash <winston.prakash@xxxxxxxxx>:
>> Hi
>> One thing that is not documented is the values which can be used in that
>> tag.
> Yes, we should document it. Unfortunately no solid list was ever
> consolidated.
> Let us work on that.

sure, let me start by making the initial suggestion

- scm: for all scm plugins (as today)
- scm-related: for scm helper plugins (as today except git,label column)
- trigger: for buils triggers (as today)
- builder/buildstep: for plugins that extend Builder. As today except
a few to clean out like project health, build pipeline, post build
task and the such
- slave: anything related to managing slaves (as today except system load avg)
- notification: for plugins that notify after (as today except copy to
slave, hudsontracker?)
- report: build reports
- publish/upload: any artifact uploader/publisher
- security: for security and user management
- fun: for none serious plugins such as cigame etc.

I know I am missing some categories, but since many of them are

changes from the current topic list
- suggest slaves and cloud plugins are one category
- drop the maven category
- add a library category for things like static-analysis-core, token-macro etc.
- drop the misc category and just use uncategorised

Maybe we should build an alternative topic page while we figure this out ?

>> also should we specify the tier in the pom ?
> I'm not sure if it should be part of the POM. The tier is decided based on
> popularity of the plugin (number of downloads etc)

Speaking of which, did we ever get the download/install stats for
plugins fixed, and is the data publically available ?

Best regards

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