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[hudson-dev] New plugin "dependency viewer plugin"


I have just released a new plugin. it is called "dependency viewer
plugin" and is a hudson only fork of the dependency graph view plugin
which has been marked jenkins only in its pom (although still

I didn't fork it just for that, but I needed some extra features and
wasn't sure of how long it would remain compatible. The features I

* display estimated build time in graphs showing jobs
* display downstream builds if invoked on a specific build instead of
a job (requires the plugin to be configured for the job).
* display a timeline (like on the build history page) of the
downstream builds when viewing build specific information.
* Add a details table below the graph and timeline

It is still  a early version as there are many things I would like to improve
* I forked version 0.1 of the graph plugin (last version to declare
compatibility) so some features are missing
* The pom file does not contain the correct topic information for the
hudson update site
* I would like to find a way to enable the plugin on individual builds
without having users to configure it
* I need to find a way to better organize big graphs

The plugin has been released from the nexus staging site,and should be
syncing to maven central soon.

github repo:

Best regards

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