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[hudson-dev] testMissingWorkspaceGives200 in hudson-test-harness

Hi folks,

I tried running the hudson-test-harness against 2.1.1-SNAPSHOT (currently its parent is still set to 2.1.0-SNAPSHOT) and get one failure:

   testMissingWorkspaceGives200(hudson.model.AbstractProjectTest)  Time elapsed: 9.796 sec  <<< FAILURE!
   junit.framework.AssertionFailedError: expected:<200> but was:<404>

Looking at the recent changes to AbstractProjectTest I see the following:

   commit e5b7d316090fdaa05bcddd0b7ef5189c4d857718
   Author: akozak <antkozak@xxxxxxxxx>
   Date:   Fri Aug 5 11:25:21 2011 +0300

       Updated broken test, it was broken with HUDSON-8950 fix.

Which changed the test to expect a status result of 200 instead of 404 when there's an attempt to access a file from a missing workspace.
But HUDSON-8950 is supposed to fix the missing workspace request to return 404 instead of 200 (which it appears to do, at least for me).

So is the test out of step, or is the fix for HUDSON-8950 incorrect? Should it expect 404 or 200?

Cheers, Stuart

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