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[hono-dev] [Hono-Scalability]: Hono-Jmeter plugin testing challenges

Hi; I’m trying to perform hono scalability studies using hono-jmeter plugin.


I would like to simulate the following situations for better understanding of the Hono scalability

·       Latency test: Generate a constant throughput and measure the latency, CPU and RAM usage

·       Telemetry test: Generate a constant throughput with multiple hono senders and a single receiver - measure the CPU & RAM usage

·       Fan-out test: Multiple hono consumers are consuming incoming telemetry from a single sender – measure the CPU & RAM usage


I have started exploring the provided hono-jmeter testcase i.e., hono_jmeter_runtime.jmx. I’m able to execute the testcase successfully with 1 hono sender and 1 hono receiver by configuring with respective ports and certificates. I understand that sender is waiting till the receiver is available and sending a batch of 300 messages (hardcoded in the source code) at one go and the message sending continues till the test execution time (honoTestRuntime) is over.


In an attempt to create the constant throughput for longer durations (minimum 10min), I have carried out the below tests with different input parameters.





In this regards, I have the following questions

1.      How to create constant throughput? In principle, it should be proportional to the no. of hono devices (when talking about sender throughput). But, I have not observed the same.

2.      Although receiver is started before the sender, why is receiver unable to receive the messages (even with increased receiver lag time)? How to capture these metrics? Neither the Jmeter Summary report nor the Grafana UI displaying the missing messages.

3.      It would be nice if there is a provision to define the periodicity for the messages to be sent.

4.      I observed that there’s a credit of 250 messages per telemetry link. Whereas the default sender is sending batch of 300 messages, to avoid the confusion I tweaked the MAX_MESSAGES_PER_BATCH_SEND value from 300 to 250. Also, I assume this limit of 250 credits will limit the honoDevice sending rate to be below 250 messages/sec i.e., max throughput per telemetry link is 250. Is this number 250 defined based on design?


Appreciate your inputs on this issue.




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