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[hono-dev] Set lwm2m model directory for lwm2m adapter ("add_lwm2m" branch)


My question is related to the branch "add_lwm2m" of Hono. I know this branch is quite outdated but it's the only lwm2m implementation of Hono up to now.

I skimmed through the code of this lwm2m adapter, but I didn't see the "models" folder which contains the lwm2m models like in Leshan project. When I tried to connect a custom lwm2m model (id 3330) to this adapter, the web UI of leshan cannot initiate the instances for my model. But it worked out of the box for latest leshan-client-demo from eclipse leshan (model 3303 by default). I want to ask how I can include the .xml model file into this adapter. I tried to edit the application.yml of lwm2m adapter (in /hono/adapters/lwm2m/src/main/resources/) like this:

    coapPort: 5683
    coapsPort: 5684
    httpPort: 8090
    objectdir: ../models (this is where I point to my model directory containing the 3330.xml, I put this folder in hono directory)

But still the leshan web UI cannot create instances for my model. I tested my model with the leshan-server-demo from eclipse leshan project and it works fine.

Hopefully someone can give me some suggestion. Thank you very much.

Best regards,
Thong Q. Nguyen

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