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[hono-dev] Eclipse Hono 0.5-M6 Milestone


today we have created version 0.5 milestone 6 of the Eclipse Hono [1] project.

Hono aims at providing uniform service interfaces for connecting large
numbers of IoT devices to a (cloud) back end. It specifically supports scalable and secure data ingestion (telemetry data & events) and will
also support sending messages to devices either one-way or request-response.

This milestone includes the following new features:

- Protocol adapters can now be configured to listen on both TLS secured and unsecured ports.
- Initial support for reporting metrics using Spring Boot Actuator. Metrics can be reported to services understanding the graphite format.
- Support for integration with existing device registry and identity management systems by means of refactoring Hono server into three micro-services (see Release Notes [7] for more details).
- Introduced a set of base classes for implementing services in general and services implementing Device Registration and Authentication API in particular.
- Support Kubernetes as a deployment platform.
- Overall improvement of resilience in context of network connection failures.
- JMeter plugin for load tests, which includes samplers for a Hono sender (acts as an adapter) and a Hono receiver (acts as a solution/application). Also a sample plan is provided.

You can find a list of issues addressed here [2].

Please note that 0.5-M6 is not a drop-in replacement of 0.5-M5. You can find detailed information regarding incompatible changes in the Release Notes [7].

We anticipate to do a first release (0.5) supporting scalable ingestions of telemetry data and events in Q3 2017.

The artifacts are available from Eclipse Repo [3] and (later during the day) from Maven Central [4].

However, the easiest and also the preferred way of using Hono is by means of Docker images available from Docker Hub [5].

If you want to give Hono a try, follow the Getting Started guide on the project
web site [6].


Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Best regards

Kai Hudalla
Chief Software Architect

Bosch Software Innovations GmbH
Schöneberger Ufer 89-91
10785 Berlin

Registered office: Berlin, Register court: Amtsgericht Charlottenburg, HRB 148411 B;
Executives: Dr.-Ing. Rainer Kallenbach, Michael Hahn

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