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Re: [hono-dev] Hono in Cloud Foundry world!

Hi Siva,

thanks for your interest in Hono :-)

We were originally interested in deploying Hono to CF as well but put our priorities on getting it to run on plain Docker Swarm and Kubernetes/Openshift first, as you already have realized. Nevertheless, IMHO it would be great to have support for integration with CF as well. That said, I agree with you in that it probably makes most sense to integrate by means of a CF Service Broker but not try to deploy Hono components to the elastic runtime. Deploying to an IaaS layer makes a lot of sense to me (that could actually be plain VMs with or without Docker Engine or a Docker Swarm or a Kubernetes cluster).

So, what you propose makes total sense to me and I would be happy to support you making it work :-) 

BTW Are you thinking about packaging Hono using BOSH?

Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Best regards

Kai Hudalla
Chief Software Architect

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Subject: [hono-dev] Hono in Cloud Foundry world!


I was happy to see the Eclipse Hono deployment support on Docker Swarm and Openshift platforms. I am exploring the concept of making Hono available in the Cloud Foundry(CF) ecosystem. BTW, has anyone already tried Hono on CF?

IMO, it makes sense that Hono to be a CF managed service rather than CF hosted application. In this regard, I am thinking of the following concept.


Below are the steps that I think are needed for the CF ecosystem/apps to leverage Hono:

1.      Provisioning of Hono in IaaS platform

2.      Hono - CF Marketplace offering: any CF app that wants to consume the data from Hono can bind to this service. It essentially provides the credentials(multi-tenancy) and access info of the hono instance running on the infrastructure .

3.      Hono Admin app: This will be a CF app when deployed provisions the Hono server(uses scripts from Step1) and provides the mqtt/http endpoints credentials on the web UI. Devices makes use of these credentials to connect to the Hono server.


So, I’m thinking to build custom service broker which

a)     Provisions a Hono server setup on the IaaS layer. Hono Admin app uses it to spin up the Hono instance.

b)     Binds/unbinds CF applications to hono service instances. It uses Hono - CF Marketplace offering. This will help to write multiple CF apps that uses the already provisioned Hono instance.


Please share your thoughts and comments.

Best Regards,



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