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Re: [hono-dev] Hono scalability study

Hi Siva,

thanks for your interest in the project. I’m not aware of any scalability studies performed yet for the Hono. That’s something we plan to do in the coming period. For the scalable Hono deployments, you should also look at EnMasse project, which we plan to use for all deployments that require more scalability that the default deployment of one router and one broker

As for the testing, Hono comes with the client and it should be able to be used in the existing testing frameworks. I think the JMeter one is coming soon. There’s a lot of interest in this topic, so I think we’ll see more of it soon. So stay tuned and if you have any thoughts or do something in this area we’ll love to hear it.

On Tue, May 30, 2017 at 11:34 AM, Katru, Siva Prasad <sivaprasad.katru@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:



We are studying Hono project and its usage in the IoT context. We would like to know the different scalability metrics of Hono project.

In this regard, are there any scalability analysis performed on Hono project? Please let us know.


Also, as the Command & Control API is still in development phase, Is it too early to perform the scalability analysis? Please comment.


As of now, We are planning to carry out the following tests

Latency Test: To capture the latency of Hono for different amounts of MQTT & HTTP clients and throughput (for different QoS levels).

Performance Test: To capture the resource usage of Hono where incoming message rates from HTTP & MQTT clients are high. This is to understand the behavior for telemetry use cases.

Throughput: Maximum number of messages per second that Hono can support (with a given CPU load of e.g. 70%). This can be derived from the performance test. Throughput could be measured for different machine sizes that Hono runs on (=> vertical scaling).


Are there any open source tools (something like malaria for MQTT) that I can leverage to obtain the scalability metrics? Please suggest.






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