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[hono-dev] Regarding the "Getting started" guide

Hi there,

I am a complete newbie and I want to learn more about Hono project. However, I am getting a trouble in the "Getting started" guide. My scenario is that, I want to compile Hono on a virtual machine (Lubuntu 16.04). Following is the list of all interfaces on my virtual machine:

Docker0 bridge:

When I want to compile Hono with this line
mvn clean install${host}:${port} -Pbuild-docker-image

In which, I have to replace the ${host}:${port} with the host and port of the host where docker is running on. So in this case, is my virtual machine consider as a host, and the ip address is a valid option ? For the port, I have no clue what it should be and how to determine it. I try to use the port 80 but the result failed at Hono REST Adapter and threw error "Cannot extract API version from server" and "Connection refused".

The guide also suggests that if I run Linux and docker is installed locally, I can omit the property. Therefore I try to run the compiling line:

mvn clean install  -Pbuild-docker-image

The result also failed at Hono REST Adapter and threw an error "No <dockerHost> given"

Could you suggest me how can I find the correct host and port for the compiling of Hono ? I've struggled with it for 2 weeks and cannot find a solution.

Best regards
Thong Nguyen

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