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[hono-dev] Metrics


I would like to propose the introduction of metrics in Hono - e.g. the number of connections etc. It should be easily extend-able and since we want to scale out horizontally we need to collect the metrics over all instances - a push system might fit well.

Since Hono built on Vert.x, I looked into it, for possibilities to instrument Hono metrics. It turns out, that Vert.x has a metrics module for there own metrics but no API to collect custom metrics. For there own metrics they have two implementations - one with Dropwizard Metrics (default) and an other with Hawkular - encapsulated over an SPI.

I think for our Hono application it might be overkill to also implement different metrics providers. I think it would be fine to just use Dropwizard Metrics, which has different reporters to send the metrics to e.g. Graphite, Ganglia (or also Hawkular and Prometheus) or just use JMX or logger for development.

There would be also the option to use Spring Boot Actuator, which has there own, more abstract metrics (which will be mapped to Dropwizard Metrics, when in classpath). But for this, Hono would depend on Spring Boot Actuator directly in core code, which is not so nice.

Any thoughts about this or experiences with metrics frameworks?

Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Best regards


Marc Pellmann


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