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Re: [hono-dev] [PROPOSAL] Extend Hono with Credential Management API

Hi Kai,

it sounds good to me and in line what we discussed at the last meeting at EclipseCon. Also, as we agreed then, this is one of the integration points with Kapua (and other systems), so it’d be good to keep the API general, so it’s easy to integrate. Please let me know how I can help with this effort.

On Wed, Feb 15, 2017 at 3:07 PM, Hudalla Kai (INST/ESY1) <Kai.Hudalla@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi list,

I have been thinking about device registration and the way it should/could
provide useful functionality helping protocol adapters with authenticating

IMHO one of the main issues that protocol adapter implementors face will be the
secure persistence and management of the device's credentials. Depending on the
mechanism used for authenticating the device these might be a username and
(hashed) password, a pre-shared key or an API key. In any case, I think it would
be great if Hono could offer a standard way of managing these credentials for the
protocol adapters so that they do not need to re-invent the wheel for that
purpose all of the time.

We have taken a first step in that direction by extending the registration API
with the capability to register additional information for a device identity by
means of specifying arbitrary key/value pairs when registering or updating a
device [1].

I would now like to propose taking this one step further by introducing a
dedicated API endpoint ("Credentials API") for managing devices' credentials in
addition to the existing Registration API. IMHO this would provide for better
separation of concerns and would also make it easier to evolve both APIs
independently from another. The registration API would still be used for
registering the "logical" device ID and managing basic (non-confidential)
properties of the device, e.g. if the device is enabled. The Credentials API
would specifically serve the purpose of registering and finding credentials for
authenticating a device based on the type of credentials and subject ID used by
these credentials. As an example consider a device registered with (logical) ID
"device-15" which connects to Hono using MQTT providing a username and password
in its CONNECT frame. The MQTT protocol adapter can then use Credentials API to
lookup the corresponding (hashed) password and (logical) device ID. Once the
password provided by the device has been verified, the protocol adapter can
forward the telemetry data provided by the device to Hono's Telemetry API using
the logical device ID.

Separating the two APIs also would make it easier to implement persistence in a
way sufficiently secure for the two APIs' specific purpose. In particular, this
would allow us to e.g. persist standard properties in a simple DB whereas the
credentials would be kept in a more specialized component like e.g. Vault [2],
providing for added security by means of encryption, auditing, key rotation etc.

WDYT? Does this make sense to you guys? Do you think this would be a worthwhile
addition to Hono? Any kind of input would be highly appreciated :-)

If some support for this idea emerges here, I would like to start to work on a
proposal for the Credential API and a prototypical implementation based on Vault.


Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Best regards

Kai Hudalla
Chief Software Architect

Bosch Software Innovations GmbH
Schöneberger Ufer 89-91
10785 Berlin

Registered office: Berlin, Register court: Amtsgericht Charlottenburg,
HRB 148411 B;
Executives: Dr.-Ing. Rainer Kallenbach, Michael Hahn
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