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Re: [hono-dev] Designing a logo for Hono

I agree, let’s get this started J

Anything else you need from me or Henryk, Benjamin?






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Thanks for the feedback! I agree it's important to keep the brief very open, and only give some hints.


I suggest we try to open the contest very early next week, so as it will end two weeks after, with a weekend just before the deadline, which is good for giving more last minute time to the freelance designers :-)


Benjamin –



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I love it :-) Personally, I would love to see the orchid part having some influence on the logo but I do not want to limit the designer's creativity in that direction. Thus, I think your brief is an excellent starting point for coming up with some nice designs :-) Regarding colors I would like to see some red/violet/yellow (basically colors related to orchids ;-)).




On Fri, Feb 12, 2016 at 3:52 PM Benjamin Cabé <benjamin@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:



As discussed off-list with Kai and Henryk, I've drafted a brief for crowd sourcing a logo for Hono. Please see below:


Name to incorporate in the logo: 



Description of the organization and its target audience:

We need a logo for our open source software project Hono – 

Hono is a technology that helps software developers connect billions of “things” to the Cloud and the Internet of Things

Hono is a software component running in the Cloud, that allows to uniformly and transparently communicate with all sorts of "things" (cars, home automation devices, scientific equipment, …) independently of the language (protocol) they are using, and that is designed to handle millions of messages per second.


The name of the project comes from the Maori language.

"Hono" means "link", "connect" or "united" and thus nicely relates to project Hono's purpose of connecting devices with applications.

In addition, "Honohono" also is the Maori name for an orchid species with the scientific name of "Dendrobium anosmum" which is commonly used for leis (wreaths of flowers). See 


The Hono project is part of a larger ecosystem of open-source projects called “Eclipse IoT”. The Eclipse IoT website is available at and the logo of Eclipse IoT is attached to the brief – while not mandatory, we encourage designers to provide logos that convey the idea of Hono belonging to the Eclipse IoT brand.






Some important keywords relevant to Hono that we would like somehow to be represented in our logo:

·         Internet of Things

·         Cloud

·         Connecting

·         Scalability (i.e Hono is ready for connecting billions of devices)



Do you guys have any preference regarding color(s) for the logo? We can add that to the brief too.



Benjamin –




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