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[higgins-dev] Notes for December 2 Higgins Developers Call



•             Mike McIntosh - Azigo

•             Paul Trevithick – Azigo

•             Mary Ruddy – Meristic

•             John Bradley





•             Time: Thursday 12 Eastern (16:00 UTC) U.S.

•             Skype: +9900827047990866

•             Dial-in: 1-201-793-9022 passcode 7990866#





•             [Paul] Personal Data Service

·                     See [1]

·                     Conversation with Drummond about "store" vs. "storage"

·                     Conversation with Andrew Nash about attribute vs. claim service

·                     Conversation with JohnB about "wallet service" vs. "cloud selector" vs. "PDS"

·                     [Paul] Drummond and Joe have found that the word store evokes “I have to buy my own data.” So they are using Storage, so I’m trying that out. 

·                     [Paul] Andrew was doing a presentation at Gartner and he felt that claims data service is better than Attribute Service.  I’m leaving it Attribute Service now

·                     [John] I ‘m not sure either is good.

·                     [Mike] Attribute is better as it is a superset of Claims.

·                     [Paul] The only people who know about claims are those familiar with MS.

•             [Paul] What John Bradley said yesterday about OpenID ABC

·                     OpenID ABC is the harmonization of OpenID AB (Artifact Binding) and OpenID Connect

·                     Attribute/Claim aggregation at the RP "UDI to protected resource with OAuth token"

·                     [Paul] What I understand is there is a working group at OIDF.  Nat and John are working on that.  There is specs and some code.  Then along came Dave Recordon with OpenID Connect, then they were harmonized into OpenID ABC.  There is no group for that. There is no mention on the list of working groups. 

·                     [John] I’m updating that (It was actually on the list of mailing lists.)

·                     [Paul] ABC is the harmonization of the good things from AB and Connect.  I think that ABC could be a replacement for IMI.  It has lots of good things.

·                     [Paul] All of a sudden there is real interest in IMI and simultaneous there is energy going into this next generation thing (ABC).  It seems that some one of us needs to get involved in this stuff.

·                     [MikeM] I need to get contact info for this stuff.

·                     [John] The first thing is join the AB WG.

·                     [Mike] Send me a note.

·                     [John] You need to agree to the OpenID IPR.  Tony is participating in OpenID AB WG.

·                     [Paul] OpenID – Specs-AB is where it is.

·                     [Paul] Mike they are looking at accumulating multiple UDI’s protected by OAuth tokens. This is consistent with lots of things we are working on at Higgins.

·                     [John] Since the new world order is JSON rather than XML, the first thing we needed was signing and encryption for JSON. There is work going on in ABC where Microsoft, Google and Facebook are hammering out a standardized token format. The first step to harmonize ABC is to agree on the token format.

·                     [Mike] So does everyone agree on having a signed token?

·                     [John] Facebook came to the conclusion that not having signing and encryption is a problem for them. Facebook changed their tune.

·                     [Mike] Is the assumption that a signed and encrypted JSON token would be a valid JSON object?

·                     [John] Yes. There would be two serializations, one of which is a JSON object and the other that could be decoded to a JSON object.  John, you should look at one of the proposals. Envelope info is defined. We are reinventing XML encrypt in a way that applies to JSON.

·                     [Mike] I wrote a patent (IBM’s) in a related area

·                     [Paul] See [3] for the OpenID ABC spec.

•             [Paul] Identity Commons "3.0"

·                     New "NextGen Selector Working Group" [2]

·                     Relationship to OpenID ABC

·                     Relationship to W3C

·                     [Paul] I wanted to share what is going on in Identity Commons.  I’ve created a charter for anew working group we are hoping to get corporate funding for.  This is related to OpenID ABC and WC3.  The idea is if we collaborate on the code and specs in parallel we will have fewer interop issues. The idea is not to reinvent the wheel, but have the persons working on the spec make the changes in the specs based on feedback.  I’m going to send a copy of this charter to the WC3.  I personally, would welcome having a Liaison relationship with then also. It will be interested in to see how this related to the ULX group and the ABC group.

·                     [Mary] A client selector is optional, not required.  The concept is “better with”.

·                     [Paul] Can work with unmodified browser, then at some time could build support into the browser, then there is an option for an active client for additional privacy and feature benefits. The personal data service, wallet service, client selector is also an OpenID ABC IdP. It is all those things and more. Potentially a place to do the UMA mgt.

•             [Paul, Mike, Mary] Getting Higgins 1.1 released

·                     OpenID IP issue

·                     Status?

·                     [Paul] We have mostly some procedural issues and the OpenID issue.  I wanted to talk about it again. We have to update the plan.

·                     [Mike] I understand, it is something that may only take Sergey a day, but we have some urgent things that have to be done first. I can’t say exactly when this will happen.

·                     [Paul] So we need to pick a date.

·                     [Mary] There is also the other IP list that needs further review.

·                     [Mike ] Can you send me a quick note after the call and remind me what you need from me.

·                     [Paul] You can cc the list.

·                     [Mary] I will also make a change to the release date of 1.1 to move it further out to accommodate the IPR issues.

•             [Paul]  Next week’s call is at Noon.


[1] http://wiki.eclipse.org/Personal_Data_Service_Overview

[2] http://wiki.idcommons.net/NextGen_Selector_Charter

[3] http://lists.openid.net/mailman/listinfo/openid-specs-ab