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[higgins-dev] Higgins data model for attribute values

Before addressing bug #190594, I need to know more about what the Higgins data model allows in an attribute's instance data.

In IdAS, my understanding is that a Digital Subject may have 0..1 occurrence of a particular Attribute, and that an Attribute may have 1..N occurrences of a particular type of Value.  

It's my understanding that each of an Attribute's values must be of the same data type, but that restriction isn't obvious to me in the Higgins OWL, and in fact, the opposite is reflected in the IdAS APIs.  In IdAS, one can state the data type of each value they add to an attribute.

So, we need to agree on the Higgins data model regarding the types of attribute values.  Should the Higgins data model dictate that they all be of the same type, or should it allow their types to be mixed?

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