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[higgins-dev] Higgins developers today at 12:00 Noon EDT

Dial-in: 1-866-362-7064 / 892048#


1)  [Mary] Change of milestone labeling scheme "0.9" is now "1.0M9"

2)  [Paul] Automated build scripts progress. Valery will not be able 
    to make the call, but here is his update on this topic: 

    A set of new build scripts that use "global" repositories for 
    Dependent project's locations and third party library locations
    are almost ready to use. Peter needs another day or two to 
    complete these. Unfortunately, he will be on vacation next 
    week. As soon as he back (September 3) we will start running
    automated builds using new scripts.

3)  [Brian, Mike] Discussion of his need for a stable STS package

4)  [Mary] Update on the IPR issues

5)  [Paul] Update on HBX m-card auth-related enhancements/changes. 
    HBX must to support all of these options (not just the first one):

    * SelfIssuedCredential (personal card);
    * X509V3Credential (e.g. certificate or smartcard);
    * KerberosV5Credential;
    * UsernamePasswordCredential

6)  [Tony else Paul] Update on CardStoreStrategy impl & integration progress

7)  [Tony else Paul] Overview of a proposed proposed i-card-selector
    /browser/RPPS architecture changes

8)  [Paul] Progress towards OpenID support in H1 deployment

9)  [Paul] Proposed new features for HBX:

    * Usability: new "remember this decision" checkbox when user 
      selects a card and doesn't want to have to make this selection 
      again the next time they are at this same URL.

    * Usability: In H1 deployment (where the user must provide a 
      Username & password" to auth to the Higgins identity agent 

10) [Paul] Support for selecting multiple i-cards in HBX
    (non-idemix use case). Cases where the RP requires claims that
    Can only be provided by selecting more than one i-card. 

11) [Paul] Barcelona Catalyst Interop Event. Any "pain points"
    anyone (besides Tony) would like to share? [Tony already 
    shared his]

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