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[higgins-dev] new IdASRegistry checked in

Hi all,

I checked in the following projects:

The "*.test" projects contain more examples of XRDS files, which might be useful for you.

In addition I made the discussed changes to IContextFactory:
removed the canCreate() method
changed createContext() to use an IContextId instead of a URI

Sorry for 1 day delay, I spent a lot of time trying to set up the build scripts and wiki pages for the new projects in accordance with other components. Please bear with me and let me know if you find any bugs / weaknesses / inconsistencies, it's the first time I commit to a project with so many people working on it.

Also, let me know if I can help with creating XRDS files for your testing purposes. In case you want to set up real i-names that can be used as a context ID, I can also help with that.

For your reference, here is the main wiki page about the new stuff:


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