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[higgins-dev] Higgins developer call today at noon Eastern - prelim agenda

Dial-in: 1-866-362-7064 
Passcode: 892048

Preliminary Agenda

1) Valery's build progress (see [1]). When can other components (e.g. TS)
   adopt the new approach? 
2) HBX: HBX/RRPS interface needs to be redesigned to support 
   the other credential types defined by CardSpace for authentication 
   to an STS (m-card)
3) In progress: integration of new IdAS registry
4) In progress by IBM-Zurich: support for an "embedded I-Card Manager"

4) IPR
*  Status update
*  Packaging discussion for context provider.
*  We will delay 1.0 until have all core Higgins components approved 
*  Please review/update all your component pages to make sure the
   third party dependencies are current.


Other agenda suggestions?

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