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Re: [higgins-dev] Configuration changes ready to check in


Sorry, I'm out of town since just after I received your e-mail about reference path syntaxes and I've got spotty internet access here for some reason.  I'll try to get to you on that subject but with regard to the breaking configuration changes, I have a couple of ISettingHandlers of my own in the new common project, org.eclipse.higgins.idas.cp.jscript that will break due to this change and I will not return until Tuesday.  I think you could probably fix those up yourself because they're not terribly complicated but I'd be happy to do it when I return.

With regard to the reference path syntax, I like what you've done and I really only have a clarification question.  Would the relative path special-case be to allow me to refer to a sibling w/o requiring it to come first (ie. be an "older" sibling of any sibling that references it)?  If so, cool, I like it, I think that's intuitive, and no, I don't think we need to support walking up the tree.  Though, couldn't we do this same thing w/o the "./"?  Just say the reference = "foo", and it must be a sibling (again preferably in any order but I'd understand and would be all right with the requirement that it be an "older" sibling).  Am I understanding special-case correctly?


>>> Greg Byrd <gbyrd@xxxxxxxx> 7/27/2007 9:42 AM >>>

I made some changes to the XML configuration classes to allow for the more sophisticated Reference type that Tom asked for.  This is a breaking change, but only if you call an ISettingHandler or have written your own -- there is an additional argument added to ISettingHandler.getSetting().

The new ReferenceHandler will allow a reference to be specified as a "path" from the top-level setting, or from the parent setting.  Both maps and lists are supported.  See Bug 198010 (link below) for more info.

Unless I hear an objection, I'll check these in on Monday (7/30).

Not sure whether this should be part of M0.9 or not.


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