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Re: [higgins-dev] Notes from today's Higgins development call (noon ET)

I got on late.  Was there a decision made regarding 0.9?  I'm mostly wondering if I need to make an M0-9 branch for IdAS befor making any changes.

>>> "Paul Trevithick" <paul@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 7/26/07 11:58 AM >>>
  Alex Amies - IBM
* Paula Austel - IBM
  Jeff Broberg CA
  Andy Hodgkinson - Novell
  Duane Buss - Novell
* Greg Byrd - NCSU/IBM
* Brian Carrol - Serena
* Tom Doman - Novell
  Valery Kokhan - Parity Ukraine
  David Kuehr-Mclaren - IBM
* Mike McIntosh - IBM
  Nataraj Nagaratnam - IBM
  Dale Olds - Novell
  Uppili Srinivasan - Oracle
  Drummond Reed - Cordance
* Bruce Rich - IBM
* Mary Ruddy - Parity/SocialPhysics
* Markus Sabedello - Parity
* Jim Sermersheim - Novell
* George Stanchev - Serena
* Daniel Sanders
  Abhi Schelat - IBM
* Paul Trevithick - Parity/SocialPhysics
  Igor Tsinman - Parity
* Present

1) New deployment (see [1])
2) Progress on build automation (configuration, idas, icard)
3) Milestone 0.9 progress (see [2])
4) HBX: security considerations, native code
5) HBX: need for IE version
6) CardStoreStrategy: status update


1) New Deployment (see [1])
* Paul created this new table
* Bruce agreed to be the owner and to fill in the needed wiki pages
* Brian pointed out that we (he!) should add another deployment: ALF/STS

2) Progress on build automation
* Since Valery couldn't be on the call Paul mentioned that we should by
tomorrow have a new approach working for these components: (configuration,
idas and icard). The new approach involves making modifications to the
existing eclipse2ant plugin to make it produce buildaux.xml along wit
hbuild.xml and dependency.xml.

* Mike asked if the new approach was well documented (so he could try it
with STS).

* Paul agreed that after tomorrow, we'd pause to document the new approach
on the wiki, and then resume enhancing it some more.

3) Milestone 0.9 progress (see [2])
* There was a brief discussion as to whether we should delay M0.9 and
declare it done only when all Components can be automatically/nightly built

4) HBX: security considerations, native code
* Paul began the discussion by explaining that the HBX needs some native
code in order to make it more secure (e.g. harder for hackers to make rogue
HBXes, hardened from attack by other browser plug-ins, etc.)

* Mike suggested that we should go further. HBX should just launch a native
"I-Card Selector" app (as both Microsoft CardSpace and Higgins H2 do it) and
get rid of HBX's UI code.

* Paul: This would work if the I-Card Selector app could be used to either
consume a local agent service (RPPS and on down). [This is exactly what the
Novell folks have been planning for H2 --a local or remote agent service]

* Jim pointed out that the Novell H2 I-Card Selector can run on any platform
(including Windows).
* In summary the requirements are:
  o  uses native code
  o  is relatively small in size
  o  can be configured to use a local or remote agent service

* It does appear that these requirements could be met by using a native
I-Card Selector component/app as an alternative to adding some native
security code to HBX

* This approach has the benefit that creating other versions of HBX (e.g.
for IE and Safari) is much easier because there is less code in HBX

* Mike reminded us all that security and install-ability are key for 1.0

5) IE HBX --was not discussed

6) CardStoreStrategy --nobody from IBM Zurich was on the line so we didn't
get an update.

Action Items
Bruce: to flesh out wiki page for RP demo app configuration

Brian: to add a new table to Deployments page for ALF's STS integration

Valery: after tomorrow, document the new build approach well on the wiki.
Well enough that MikeM could try to apply it to the STS components.

Paul/Mary: consider delaying M0.9 until nightly build situation is done

Paul: consider moving HBX UI into I-Card Selector app; evaluate existing H2
I-Card Selector code. Can it be modified to be used in the H1 deployment

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