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[higgins-dev] Breaking configuration changes for CPs checked in

At least for the JNDI CP, these changes are now checked in.  I've completed most of the work for the other Novell contributed CPs already but I moved some of the dependant code into Higgins projects and I need to adjust the other CPs but I decided I'd better send out a note since the JNDI CP is now done and checked in.

New Projects:
I created 3 new projects containing mostly code that was formerly dual licensed in bandit.  It is now in Higgins and licensed solely under EPL 1.0.  All of these projects are used by the JNDI CP and the first two are used by other CPs contributed by Novell.  The new projects are:
1. org.eclipse.higgins.util.idas.cp
	This project contains generic Policy Decision Point (PDP) code than can be used by any Context Provider (CP) and controlled by any policy language we implement.  Currently, there is only one sub-project containing an implemented policy language and that is for JavaScript, org.eclipse.higgins.util.idas.cp.jscript.  In the future, we'll probably look to add one for XACML.  This project also contains custom configuration handlers to parse JavaScript policy from configuration file into objects specified in project #2 below.

2. org.eclipse.higgins.util.jscript
	This project contains generic code that uses the Rhino project as a JavaScript interpreter to evaluate script for policies and maintain compiled JavaScript fragments in memory.

3. org.eclipse.higgins.util.socket
	This project contains generic code that is a custom extension of SSLSocketFactory that allows a specific keystore to be used and refreshed as it changes w/o effecting the default socket factory settings.

Configuration Changes:
All Novell contributed CPs will now use the higgins configuration code to specify their configuration.  For the time being, examples will be available in each CPs respective .test project.  So, use those to modify your existing CP configuration files.  As I get the time, I will update the component pages on the Higgins wiki to detail the available configuration settings.  Of course, this is where my post xxxx comes into play.  Namely, I think we really need a way to discover configurable elements for configurable components.  Due to all these changes, several dependencies are now also gone including several bandit libraries as well as castor libraries which were used by the old configuration code.  One thing we've lost is related to configurable element discovery in that the old configuration code was generated from an XML Schema file which specified all configuration possibilities in XML Schema but it also had it's shortcomings (ie. some things were legal that we'd prefer not to be like multiple "connection" sections) but we've entirely lost any specification other than via documentation for the time being.

If you have any trouble or questions, let me know.


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