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Re: [higgins-dev] STS profile problems


Why do you think this is bad/peculiar?

According to IContext interface, method can return ID of DigitalSubject. It assumes, that each instance of IContext contains exactly one DigitalSubject (or some default subject). But I think this is special case of JNDI provider (one DigitalSubject per Context), and we should not accept this rule for all CPs. Context should be able to contain more then one DigitalSubject. So, I propose:

1. Change the result type of from String to void.

2. If we need to get some DigitalSubject from the Context we MUST have subjectID of required Subject. In other words, if we need to get DigitalSubject with claim values of some card, this card should contain both contextID and subjectID.

In case of JNDI CP, empty string can be used as subjectID because this CP always contain one DigitalSubject per Context. In any case we need standard way to get DigitalSubject from Context.

Sergey Lyakhov

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Subject: RE: [higgins-dev] STS profile problems

Sergey wrote:
1. DigitalIdentityHandler is implemented to use the peculiarity of JNDI CP

each context contains single digital subject and subject ID is returned by method. I think we should not use this peculiarity
anywhere. Moreover, I think should return nothing (void).

Why do you think this is bad/peculiar?

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