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Re: [higgins-dev] STS profile problems

Note that ContextIds are about to replace ContextRefs.
See here:

The new IdASRegistry can give you an instantiated and fully configured IContext based on an IContextId or a string containing a valid ContextId according to

The actual configuration of an IContext (I think) should be done in the method
IContext IContextFactory.createContext(IContextId contextId)

I don't fully understand ICard and STS architecture yet.. Please let me know if anyone thinks IdASRegistry should be able to do more than described at


On 7/25/07, Sergey Lyakhov < slyakhov@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

We need to be able to use any implementation of IdAS context to manage STS
user profile. We are going to implement a new user profile plugin (like
org.eclipse.higgins.sts.server.profile) which will use any implementation of
IdAS context and perform all operations (including profile creation) using
IdAS methods (now LDAP is directly used to create/modify a profile).
However, we have the following problems with DigitalIdentityHandler:

1. DigitalIdentityHandler is implemented to use the peculiarity of JNDI CP -
each context contains single digital subject and subject ID is returned by method. I think we should not use this peculiarity anywhere.
Moreower, I think  should return nothing (void). Perhaps, in
case of JNDI CP it will be more convinient to alwauys return its single
subject for any value of passed subjectID. In other words, JNDI
IContext.getSubject(String subjectID) should always return the same subject
for any passed  subjectID, even for null.

2. To find appropriate DigitalSubject, we need its subjectID. So, CardID
should contain both contextRef and subjectID (subjectID will be missed for
JNDI provider).

3. In case of SelfSigned cards, cardID should also contain contextRef +
subjectID (now it contains IssuerID of selfIssued cards).

4.  Perhaps, STS should not use DefaultContextRef. It should be a problem of
IdASRegistry to initialize any ContextFactory and find required context.

Sergey Lyakhov

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