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[higgins-dev] Re: Your latest thoughts on whether metadata can/should be complex or simple?

Yes, I need to pick this item back up.  Last we talked about it was on the IRC on 6-5-07.
>(11:07:00 AM) Jimse: so, my take on the other question (whether making metadata
>simple and single valued was wrong) is that it probably was wrong.
>(11:07:26 AM) trevithickp: i dragged my feet so long that the HOWL is largely
>back in compliance then!
Mainly, we were talking about how to do updates to the model, but we also came to the determination as a side note that metadata should be complex.  For that topic, I logged  I just logged for this item and marked it as a P1 for 0.9.

>>> "Paul Trevithick" <paul@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 7/23/07 6:47 PM >>>

Hi Jim,


If memory serves, you have been considering once again allowing complex metadata, although this is not currently the case in the IdAS API. Is this still your inclination? I ask because currently we have a disconnect between IdAS API and HOWL semantics. HOWL is one design iterations behind and thus still allows complex metadata.



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