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[higgins-dev] Build scripts for higgins components

We're trying to change the process of automated builds for higgins
components in order to simplify the process of adding new components
to be build by the automated builds.

We have almost completed build scripts designed for automated builds
but we're trying to make them as smart as possible.

Our new build scripts are requires a very small amount of
information about the component to build but they also assumes that
some addition information about the component is provided by the
component itself.

The information we need from the building component is its
dependencies and where to get them. Current implementation reads a
specific xml file from the component in order to find out project's
dependencies (both projects and libs) and download them prior to run
actual build.

Attached is an example of such xml file with the project dependencies
for *.cardspace.common project.

Now we're trying to start running automated builds on
using new approach for *.icard.* components but I believe that when we
finish they should work for all other higgins components as well.

When we finish I'm going to document on the higgins wiki how to add
new component to the build process.

Any questions and/or suggestions are welcome.



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