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[higgins-dev] RE: [ecf-dev] Agenda for next conference call

Hi Scott,

You sent this email on Sept 9 (that I can't find in the higgins-dev archives
for some reason, else I'd have linked to it)...


Hi Jim and other Higgins'ers

A thought/suggestion:

In IDigitalSubject you have a method:

String getUniqueID()

I would suggest that you consider generalizing this to allow multiple types
of ID (i.e. other than String), by having a new ID interface

ID getUniqueID()

In ECF we do this and ID is an interface that extends (and therefore has a String getName()) method, and
extends IAdaptable, so that adapters for IDs can exist.

In ECF, we use a plugin org.eclipse.ecf.identity that declares ID (see
identity package javadoc here:
ntity/package-frame.html).  The semantics of IDs are assumed to be simply a
unique ID (usable for uniquely identifying users, processes, roles,
services, digital subjects, etc., etc).  Obviously since it extends
Principal it also serves as a principal within JAAS.

We've found that having ID be defined as an interface and providing an
extension point to allow people to define custom types of ID (rather than
referring directly to a String) has been of use for ECF, and it could also
be of value for Higgins.  So it might be of use to think about having
Higgins IDs potentially have more general structure than String.

Just a thought of potential reuse across projects (some notion of an
abstract unique identifier...aka ID).



The Higgins team is still considering this proposal as a change to the IdAS
API. We've only given it a passing look so far, but we'll circle back to it.
So WRT to ECF the event that we do agree to use the ID
interface, it would be good to have it separated out from other ECF stuff. 


> -----Original Message-----
> From: ecf-dev-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxx [mailto:ecf-dev-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxx] On
> Behalf Of Scott Lewis
> Sent: Saturday, October 14, 2006 8:35 PM
> To: Eclipse Communication Framework (ECF) developer mailing list.
> Subject: [ecf-dev] Agenda for next conference call
> Hi Folks,
> As per Remy's suggestion, I've put together a preliminary list of needed
> refactorings.
> These have been discussed either on the mailing list or in bugzilla over
> the past few weeks.  We will discuss these at the next conference call
> on Monday (16) at noon pacific time.  Please add to or edit the things
> on this page, and/or file new bugs in bugzilla about needed refactorings
> that are not listed.
> Thanks,
> Scott
> Remy Suen wrote:
> >>  One reason why identity would be used without containers is that I
> >> recall the Higgins
> >> project (and some other projects) had a concept of identity and
> >> having ECF's identity
> >> bundle separate from the rest of ECF would help adoption.
> >
> > Thanks Chris, for the clarifications.
> >
> >> Yes, lets talk about refactoring on next call.  I may even take a go
> >> at it on the plane back
> >> to states (if my sucky battery lasts any time).
> >
> > If Chris can do sudoku on a plane, I don't think this should be a
> > problem. ;) Anyway, I'll try to make the call next Monday, by make I
> > mean wake up, since it'll be 0300 over on this side of the globe.
> >
> > Scott, maybe you could start a wiki page for this upcoming call with
> > what you're envisioning for this whole refactoring work and then the
> > rest of us could review it to familiarize ourselves before the call or
> > possibly even insert comments right now prior to the call?
> >
> > Regards,
> > Rem
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