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Re: [higgins-dev] Nomination of Tom Doman as Higgins committer


Friday, October 13, 2006, 11:13:28 PM, you wrote:

> I nominate Tom Doman be added to the Higgins project as a committer.

> Tom has been working actively on the development of an LDAP IdAS Context
> Provider for the past few months. He has contributed significantly to the
> design of IdAS itself as he worked to ensure it can support the requirements
> of an LDAP provider.

> Tom graduated Magna Cum Laude with a degree in Computer Science from Brigham
> Young University. He has worked on identity-related systems and services for
> over 13 years. He worked on Novell's e-mail product, GroupWise, for 5 years
> providing cross-platform back-end services responsible for routing,
> updating, and maintaining e-mail databases. Tom then worked on Novell's
> directory product, eDirectory for another 5 years providing cross-platform
> back-end directory services. Tom was issued a patent for enhancements to the
> replication system. Tom has spent the last 3 years or so working on
> identity-related systems such as virtual directory services and systems
> designed to abstract sources of identity data. This led to his involvement
> in the Bandit project and subsequently, the Higgins project.

> Higgins Committers please respond to this email with either:  +1 (yes) -1
> (veto), or 0 (abstain) or request for more information.  The voting period
> is one week. If I don't hear from a given committer within that time, I'll
> assume a vote of 0.  If I receive at least three positive votes with no
> negative votes the addition will likely be approved and I'll start the rest
> of the process described here

> My vote: +1

> Paul
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