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[higgins-dev] Notes from Higgins Dev Call October 12 at 12pm ET

- PaulT, MaryR, TomD, JimS, MikeM, RajN, GregB, BrianC, ValeryK, TonyN

Build Issues
- Jim: IdAS consumers to easily find the latest .jar file and javadoc that
matches the interfaces

- IdAS has a build.xml Ant script that builds a JAR

- MikeM: Currently I have a regular .jar file and then I have an Axis web
service that sits in front of it. Could I change that so that there is an
Eclipse plugin that is a wrapper for this jar. Are there any reading
materials on how to do this.

* Paul: I'll write up a memo on how to create an Eclipse plugin from a .jar

- Brian: to continue to produce the plain old jar files, because ALF plans
to use this on the server side, and most server side stuff is servlets and

- Jim: as long as the automated build task can fire off Ant script, then we
should be okay. 

- Jim: lot of projects version numbers in the jar file, we need a convention
for that too. The current Ant script for IdAS doesn't do this yet.

- Jim: who will own this build stuff.

* Paul will own this for now. We'll try to get some of this stuff done for
next Thursday's call

Discussion of IdAS issues
- Jim: there are other data memebers besides attributes, the digital
subject's type, the CUID, metadata and relationships. 

- Raj: attributes and subjectRelationships should be different

- Paul: Agreed, though I'm open to SubjectRelationship being a subclass of

- Greg: made the distinction between a string name of my father, vs. a

- Jim: yes. So a SubjectRelationship has enough attribute info to get to the
target DigitalSubject

- Paul: a SubjectRelationship is a special kind of attribute that is
de-referenceable using IdAS

- Jim: Paul's SubjectRelationship subclassing of Attribute, will complicate
the filter (due to subclasses of SubjectRelationship). 

* Paul will build an example (as we did with person-with-postalAddress)
using SubjectRelationship 

- Jim: filter language needs to handle subclasses of DigitalSubject
(subclasses of IDigitalSubject)...need to think about this

- Jim: are we going to have the filter language able to dereference

- Jim: I think we need a better written argument for why
SubjectRelationships exist as a separate class from Attributes. Paul said
he'd do that for next week's call.

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