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[higgins-announce] How to resolve packages in Eclipse ?

Hi all,

I am getting an error in error log when i try to run my application like "org.eclipse.higgens.sts.common" was not resolved in "org.eclipse.osgi".Like this many higgens packages are showing the same error as above ie the "respective higgens package" was not resolved in "org.eclipse.osgi".I modified MANIFEST.MF file in org.eclipse.osgi by adding extra lines like
 Import-package : org.eclipse.higgens.sts.common but still am getting same error.

 My appilcation uses many higgens package and other packages. Building my appilcation completed succesfully but while   running my application its showing the exception as i explained above.

Please shed light on this issue.
How to resolve packages in eclipse ?

Thanks in advance

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