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[higgins-announce] Members of the Higgins community along with international experts have co-authored an OECD paper on Digital Identity

This week, The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) 
released a paper titled
At a Crossroads: Personhood and Digital Identity in the
Information Society*
by Berkman Fellow Mary Rundle and co-authors Bob
Blakley, Jeff Broberg, Anthony Nadalin, Dale Olds, Mary Ruddy, Marcelo
Thompson Mello GuimarĂ£es, and Paul Trevithick.
The paper argues that laws and software must be crafted to respect certain "Properties of
Identity" in identity management in order for the information society to be
free and open.  The importance of user control is a central theme of the paper which can be found at:,3354,en_2649_33703_1_119684_1_1_1,00.html

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