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Re: [henshin-user] Issue with rule parameters in multirules in the graphical editor?

Hi Steffen,

to my knowledge, that's not a known bug - it seems to be a case we didn't consider when we introduced the parameter kinds. A bug report would be helpful to us, thanks!

Best regards,

On 12.02.2018 16:14, Zschaler, Steffen wrote:

Hi all,


I’ve just had some strange error message from the Henshin graphical editor. I was working on a rule with IN parameters and some multirules inside. The editor created these nicely, but then showed an error marking telling me that “Parameters in multirules must have the same kind as the containing rule” for each rule parameter and multirule. When I went directly into the .henshin file, I could see that the kind of the multirule parameters was set to UNKNOWN instead of IN. I fixed this and all was well.


Is this a known bug or do you want me to file a report?


Many thanks,



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