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Re: [henshin-user] delete node problem

Hello Kina,

Am 23.06.2017 um 12:06 schrieb Bojarczuk, Kinga:


I'm working on this project on e-motions files so basically there's a .behavior file which is linked to .gcs which is linked to .ecore file and together they represent a graph transformation system. So what I'm trying to do is to delete EReference from .ecore file between the object that has some subclasses and another object. (First rule in my henshin file) This should find a match as it exists in a server2.ecore file however for some reason it doesn't.

To understand why the rule cannot be applied, it's crucial to know that Henshin aims to ensure that output models of a transformation are well-formed: in particular, it aims to ensure that rule applications never leave behind "dangling edges". In your example rule, since you do not specify the deletion of the containment edge between the :EPackage and the :EReference, this edge would be left behind as dangling, so Henshin won't apply the rule.

To make the rule applicable, it should be sufficient to specify the deletion of the aforementioned containment edge. (Another option is to the set the "checkDangling" attribute in the rule to "false", however, in this case, you may lose well-formedness guarantees.)

When I run the code straight on the server2.ecore (by starting with EPackage in my rule) file or server2.gcs (by starting with MetamodelGD in my rule) file it works and finds a match but when running on server3.behavior file something suddenly prevents it from finding a match which is really weird as .behavior file just provides a reference to the other files so since it works when run straight on them it should work on the the behavior file as well.

I can't find the code you mention in these statements. The zip file only contains the models and Henshin files.

Best regards,

The Second rule shows the solution that we thought might work as Links in .behavior file are linked to EReferences so we thought this might prevent deleting EReferences but it doesn't work either.

The Third rule shows something that works but is a rather 'unclean solution' as it only deletes all the edges and doesn't actually delete the node.

So any idea why running my rule on .behavior file suddenly prevents it from finding a match? It seems really weird so I'd appreciate some help. I've included a zip file with my project.

Thank you,


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