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Re: [handly-dev] Using handly without xtext

Hi Dawid,

Yes, it is certainly possible to use Handly without Xtext; Handly/Xtext integration is provided as a completely separate layer. For examples of using Handly without Xtext you can look at o.e.handly.examples.jmodel (a simplified Java model), o.e.handly.examples.lsp (a generic LSP-based model) or even at a full-featured fork of JDT Core based on Handly [1].

Please let me know if there are any questions.

Best regards,



is this possible to use handly without xtext?

I investigate possibility to fix old DLTK bug 265803 [1] by allowing multiple models based on nature only. Handly could simplify my life but if require xtext for normal work I can't use it.

[1] -

Dawid Paku?a

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