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[handly-dev] A milestone build of Handly 0.8

Greetings handly-dev,

I'm pleased to announce the availability of a milestone build that represents an attempt at API freeze towards the upcoming Handly 0.8 release. Early adopters are most welcome to check out and comment on this build.

Update site:

Archived repository:

Issues targeted by the 0.8 release:

Most of the issues are concerned with Core API quality. We have made a good progress on that and were able to clear the backlog. The very nature of this work, however, required a number of breaking changes across the API.

Let me bring your attention to some of the most affecting changes:

* New naming convention for *Impl* interface methods (Bug 521851), which uses the '_' suffix in place of the 'h' prefix.  This has been discussed earlier on this list (

* New package for model implementation support, (Bug 526682). The skeletal implementations of *Impl* interfaces have been moved to this new package. The *Impl* interfaces themselves have remained in the org.eclipse.model.impl package.

* StructureHelper API has been reworked completely. Please see Bug 522481 for details.

* The model object API has been restructured for consistency with element and element delta API. Please see Bug 522115 for details.

* ElementCache.ensureSpaceLimit(body, element) -> ensureSpaceLimit(((Body)body).getChildren().length, element) (Bug 525399).

* Behavior change regarding reconcile notifications, which has been announced earlier on this list (

There are many more enhancements to the Core API, but hopefully those other changes should be less affecting for existing model implementations than the ones listed above. I'll come up with a more detailed N&N list and a migration guide before the 0.8 release date (December 8, 2017). In the meantime, please let me know if there are any questions or comments.

Best regards,

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