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Re: [handly-dev] Maven natures for projects

Hi Vlad,
The patch looks good in and of itself, but I'm not very comfortable with the build-related changes it makes. I have taken a look at a few prominent Eclipse projects such as Platform UI, JDT, and CDT and a general agreement seems to be not to depend on m2e for building the "pom-ified" projects, just as Handly currently does. Our approach has been to use m2e only for "smart editing" of pom.xml files. To be honest, I for myself even don't use it for that purpose. I think that having m2e installed in the Handly developer's IDE should be entirely optional. I'm sorry for not accepting the patch at this time.
Ok. I sent a Gerrit change for this, including some missing config for the target projects (specifying the applicable environments, eliminating Maven warnings about it), but feel free to ignore it.


On Tue, Apr 19, 2016 at 5:10 PM, Vladimir Piskarev <pisv@xxxxx> wrote:
Hi Vlad,
I wouldn't mind having a Maven nature for the projects in principle, but I actually didn't have any need for that: I just use auto-build and a couple of predefined launch configurations to work with the projects from Eclipse. Of course, Hudson builds are based on Maven, but that's another story.
Best regards,

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