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Re: [handly-dev] no non-static embedded classes

Hi Vlad,
Several concerns here:
* This looks, indeed, rather artificial and will produce artificially-looking results.
* This will break existing clients without any obvious present or future benefits for them.
* This will introduce a design restriction that needs to be kept in mind, and is easy to overlook.
How badly are you affected by this? Any chance it could be eventually addressed by Xtend?
I remain open to discussion, but -1 would be my first response, sorry.
Best regards,

This request is an artifact of my tooling and I will understand if it's not accepted.

Would it be possible to get rid of any nested non-static classes in the implementation (those that might be extended by clients)? At the moment I only know of SourceFile.ReconcileOperation. The implicit SourceFile.this can be sent as a constructor parameter and stored in a field.

best regards,

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