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[handly-dev] Xtext 2.8 support and target platform update

Greetings handly-dev,
Just wanted to let you know that support for Xtext 2.8 (bug 458497) has been pushed to master and is available in the latest I-build:
Handly 0.3 will not support previous Xtext versions due to breaking changes introduced in Xtext 2.8.
Also, the latest target for `master` is now Mars M6, while the base target now includes Xtext-related parts of Mars M6 (i.e. Xtext 2.8.1 and its dependencies). Developer tool definitions (.p2f files) have been updated accordingly.
Note that Mars M6 effectively requires JRE 7 for running, so the launch configurations for Handly tests and examples now use JavaSE-1.7 as execution environment. This means you will need to have added JDK 7 (or higher) in your developer workspace (along with JDK 6, which is still used for compilation). It also means that JDK 7 (or higher) should be used for building Handly with Maven and Tycho.
Best regards,

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