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[handly-dev] modeling above source file


I am working at the model structure above the source file level and I have a few questions/suggestions/ideas.

* I was thinking that most of the code in the FooModel and FooProject classes is generic, wouldn't it be nice if it would be part of the Handly framework? (The tutorial code can be a good place to start) The awkward part would be that these generic parts can only know about IHandles, not IFooElements, but maybe it's possible to use generics? The other question mark is where to put hooks that need to be implemented for each language.

* Even the next level (corresponding to concepts like "source directory" and "library") feels like it could be quite generic. I'm not so sure yet, as I'm still exploring. Here it's more likely that the concepts are language-related, but there are common traits. Do you think it would be useful to try to look at those too?

What do you think? 

best regards,

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