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Re: [handly-dev] Choice of interface detail and parameter types

Hi Vlad,
Regarding IParent and IOpenable, I just didn't feel they were necessary.
Do they add anything substantial? TBH, I don't think so; they rather look
like legacy code to me.
In general, Handly is not merely a (partial) copy of the Java Model design.
I was interested in generalizing/streamlining/clarifying intent/and yes...
some redesigning. Unfortunately it may complicate fitting existing models...
With regard to arrays vs. collections... It's a good question. I preferred to stay
with arrays mainly because existing Eclipse Platform APIs heavily used them.
Somehow, arrays feel more 'robust' to me for such APIs -- simple, compact,
common denominator. I understand many would disagree...
I'm afraid they are just that -- design choices. We can discuss them, of course.
But since they affect the whole code base and existing clients, it would be quite
difficult to change them, so I must clearly understand the benefits of doing it.
Best regards,

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