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Re: [handly-dev] working copy

Hi Vlad,

Great to hear it is an open-source project. I would be interested to contribute. In fact, I hope that it
could in part serve as a real-world case study and promote Handly adoption. Until now our existing
use cases were heavily Xtext-based, so it would be very interesting to integrate with other editors
as well. Handly was designed with that in mind and I think the current implementation should allow
it already, but if necessary any rough corners could be addressed in 0.3 based on your feedback.

I think it's not a mere coincidence that I happen to love Erlang (I also love Smalltalk and CLOS).
It's a language with style. When I was investigating it some time ago I had to learn Emacs to do the
development, so it would be really nice to bring first-class Eclipse tooling for this great language.

I do hope that it could become a collaboration of mutual benefit!

Best regards,

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