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[gmt-dev] VIATRA2 is not operating as an Eclipse open source project

Greetings GMT project and Modeling PMC.

Daniel, if you have not already joined the GMT dev mailing list, please do so.

I am concerned that the VIATRA2 project is not operating as an Eclipse open source project

CQ 6703 was submitted today. That CQ is for a code contribution. This appears to be a significant contribution of code. It is the first contribution in more than two years to the project. In comments on that CQ, the project lead indicates that the contribution is "the newest combined release of the VIATRA2 model transformation framework" and that "In each iteration, we compile the contributions from the developers and push the code to Eclipse.org."

This runs counter the open source rules of engagement set out in the Eclipse Development Process [1]. Specifically, the project is not operating in an open and transparent manner leaving little opportunity for others to join the project. The project has been established for some time, and should be operating fully at eclipse.org.

There are several developers listed in the contribution. Based on the amount of contribution, I believe that each of these developers should become committers and do all future work directly in the eclipse.org code repository.

The project website [2] indicates that there have been numerous releases of the project, including statements like "The VIATRA2 Release 3.1 has been approved by Eclipse.org!". AFAICT, the project has not undergone a single release review as required by the Eclipse Development Process. The project must plan to undergo a formal release as soon as possible.

Further, the 3.2 release indicates a third-party update site only on the downloads page [3]. It is okay to provide alternative download sites, but they must be *alternatives* to eclipse.org; the downloads for the project must be obtainable from eclipse.org. A third party site cannot be the "official" site.

The project is--according to my records--in incubation. Incubation branding must be provided on the download page and in downloads. I have marked the project as "incubation-non-conforming"; the project cannot benefit from parallel IP until the incubation branding issues is resolved.

I believe that the project would benefit greatly from Architecture Council mentorship (I'm not sure why mentors weren't assigned in the first place). Can the modeling project suggest somebody who might be appropriate in this role?



[1] http://www.eclipse.org/projects/dev_process/development_process.php
[2] http://www.eclipse.org/gmt/VIATRA2/
[3] http://www.eclipse.org/gmt/VIATRA2/download/
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