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RE: RE: [gmt-dev] b+m code generator

Hi Free_Wind

>>My current priorities are:
>>       GMT framework with simple test examples
>>       Integration of one or more QVT prototypes
>        ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>        Can I know more abt this?
>        Which QVT prototype do you want to use? and where can we get it?
>        3x in advance

I'm afraid that it would be inappropriate to make pronouncements about the
plans of specific QVT contributors.

In principle Eclipse/GMT should support all the prototypes. Whether it does
depends on whether Eclipse/GMT establishes functional as well as name
credibility. Even if it doesn't it is likely that many QVT submitters will
make their code available anyway, they're very public spirited.

My proposed framework supports all QVTs via bridges. I have the framework
sort of
working. I am currently completing the bridges in org...gmt.xsl.saxon to
the ability to plug-in functionality using XSLT transformation technology
org...gmt.wfc to provide an activation interface. I hope to release a basic
by the end of the year, comprising:
       org...gmt                  - neutral framework
       org...gmt.xml            - XML and DOM model support
       org...gmt.xsl.saxon   - Saxon XSLT 2.0 support
       org...gmt.wfc            - workflow configuration interface

(The spelling of ... depends upon consensus within the GMT team)

If a genuine QVT prototype becomes available soon, I may then work with that
directly, otherwise I will integrate UMLX which is far from complete, but
already support a basic activity diagram to define workflows.

Subject to time limitations and priorities, I will certainly endeavour to
every QVT prototype.

		Ed Willink

E.D.Willink,                             Email: mailto:EdWillink@xxxxxxx
Thales Research and Technology (UK) Ltd, Tel:  +44 118 923 8278 (direct)
Worton Drive,                            or  +44 118 986 8601 (ext 8278)
Worton Grange Business Park,             Fax:  +44 118 923 8399
Reading,   RG2 0SB

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