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[gmt-dev] .project non-conflict


We seem to have a stupidity with org.eclipse.gmt/.project.

Either I or Ghica in our naive first usage of Eclipse CVS did
something wrong, as a result I think we each independently created
default .project files. I found last night that mine was apparently
in conflict in spite of having no differences. After some
struggling with fairly random updates to try to overide my file from
CVS, I think I did the reverse, so potentially Ghica now needs to
update to resolve the 'conflict'. I hope that she can be more intelligent
than me, perhaps by deleting it and then restoring, but will this lose
the project connection? 

Anyway, my apologies to Ghica for creating this problem for her. I
suggest that others make sure that they fetch rather than create the
.project on first attachment.

		Ed Willink

E.D.Willink,                             Email: mailto:EdWillink@xxxxxxx
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