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[gmt-dev] Multi-instances

Hi All

My colleagues in France asked what it meant to use the multiple objects from
a greater than unity cardinality. UML provides the answer and this is
partially in UMLX already. UML has objects and multi-objects. UMLX
therefore have instances and multi-instances, which must be used wherever
the cardinality is greater than 1. Introduction of multi-instances avoids
need for schema to define their own strongly-typed collection classes and
support transforms. Instead you just create a MultiInstance of a String and
multi-stereotype it as a <<Bag>> if necessary.

In order to access the elements of a <<List>>, it is sufficient to use
an unlabelled reference from a MultiIstance of String to an Instance of
with cardinailty 1 {head}, or from a MultiInstance of String to a
of String with cardinailty 0..* {tail}. I'm not sure that this needs better
graphical support at all.

		Ed Willink

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