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[geowave-dev] GeoWave v1.2.0 Release

We are pleased to announce the release of GeoWave v1.2.0!

Some recent significant developments include:
  • New "FileSystem" DataStore supporting direct local, S3 and HDFS as a DataStore
  • New aggregations including a Geohash aggregation implementation
  • Update pygw to support remote gateways  
  • Kerberos Support for Accumulo
  • Expose Cassandra cluster configuration options
  • GWQL grammar update for unconventional type names
  • Now using a single instance of RocksDB for reads and writes (performance improvement)
  • Support for reverse iteration range scan by Data ID for the DataStores that support reverse iteration (RocksDB and HBase currently)
  • EMR Bootstrap supports EMR versions > 5.17.2
  • Various bug fixes to include:
    • Fixed issue with deleting when using secondary indexing
    • Fixed issue creating "spatial_temporal" index on DynamoDB store
    • Fixed issue in Redis when relying on “exact” sort key range scan with high precisions beyond Redis Score
    • Fixed DynamoDB issues from GeoServer, root cause was serialization of Regions 
    • Handled empty read in rocksdb gracefully as no-op
    • Thread-safe use of HashBiMap to avoid any race conditions
...and many many more, see the change log for details.

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